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What we do

Children need to learn about positive images

math Dumpling Designs has been established to provide images that exhibit a positive flair and style that both parent and child will love. These items are for those who want to highlight their child’s positive attitude and individuality.

It gives us satisfaction to bring quality items to the market

wedding-orders At Dumpling Designs we love waking up to the daily challenge of creating new products that will peak and keep the interest of our customers. We have a vibrant energetic vision and passion for integrating unique designs within our present and future whimsical images. We are very energized kids hiding inside seasoned adults. And we love it!!

Every child needs a little magic in their lives

birthday-parties The creators of Dumpling Designs merchandise make every effort to infuse each item with their unique magic touch. The magic of having each customer feels, special when they wear or carry an original Dumpling Designs piece. We hope that when others see your family and friends wearing Dumpling Designs it sparks smiles and laughter.

We use the best in materials and that is a promise

partiesDumpling Designs has made every effort to research and obtain professional quality print and graphic designs. The company uses today’s latest techniques and technology. However, we ask that our customers read and follow the given care instructions for each item for long lasting quality