Fitness Activities for Your Kids

There’s an emphasis on kids getting fit these days, and even though the summer will soon be coming to an end, it is never to late to start keeping your children active.  If you’re looking for ideas for fitness activities here are some suggestions.

First, make sure your kids stretch and warm up before engaging in these fitness activities. And second, help your kids choose activities that are fun and active – not overly competitive. Here are some activity ideas.

Bike Riding

When you were a kid, it’s likely that you hopped on your bike and rode in the neighborhood during the summer and on long fall weekends. Although things are a little different now, bike riding is still a great way for kids to be active. Make sure they always wear a helmet, and that they are not riding in the road or street if they are under ten years old. Once you’ve found a safe place for them to ride, help them stay motivated by inviting other kids and family members to join. Make it a regular thing!

Yard Games

Send your kids outside when the weather is good, and invite friends over, too. Make a point of the day’s activities being oriented around movement, such as playing in a sprinkler, playing horseshoes, or enjoying a game of badminton. Like bike riding, try making this a regular event so that your kids will get regular exercise. This can work in the Summer, Fall, and Spring.


Whenever safety permits, encourage your kids to walk to their favorite places, such as a friend’s house or store. An adult can accompany them if need be – it’s good for adults to stay active in summer, too!


Chances are, you did this as a kid, too. Maybe a couple of days a week could be “pool days.” Meet friends at the pool and spend the day being active in the water. Make sure your kids wear sunscreen, and that there is adult supervision. In fact, an adult can get in the pool, too, and teach the kids fun games like water polo. During winter months see if your local YMCA or community center has an indoor pool.

Jumping Rope

Many kids used to spend a long time on the playground jumping rope. It can be done when school’s out, too! Why not have a friendly neighborhood competition with other kids to see who can jump the longest, or the most jumps? Kids can learn fun jump rope games like Double Dutch, and all those great jumping rhymes and songs.

Martial Arts

Consider enrolling your kids in a martial arts class. Not only will they get the physical activity during class, but they will get exercise at home practicing their forms.

With a little creative thought and preparation, your kids can be fit and healthy anytime of the year.