Do Black Dolls Matter?

The Struggle Was Real!!

Almost every Black mother has heard these words: “You don’t know what I had to go through to get that doll!” That’s what many mothers are telling their now grown daughters as they look over their wonderful caramel and chocolate hued skin tone baby dolls. Black dolls were so rare to many women of a certain age that they were a prized possession. As a child you played with the more common dolls that were made as mass productions from certain unnamed stores. But the Black Dolls you displayed with pride and dared anyone to touch them for fear that their beauty would be ruined if someone even looked their way.

Now Black mothers continue to struggle to find dolls for their daughters or action figures for their sons (added to this group must be action figures for little boys. How many action heroes in today’s cartoons reflect our little boys? How many reflect the AfricanAmerican male as having strength, pride and abilities to problem solve today?) that reflect their beauty and tenacity.

It has not been that many years since African-American mothers would walk and drive around from store to store for hours to find that one special doll; the one that looked like their baby girl for birthday’s, holidays, and other occasions. Why would Black mothers have to go through so much?

Maybe because many stores only ordered a certain number of African-American dolls. Their reasoning? Black people historically do not buy dolls that look like them and Black dolls do not sale. Their claim is that many manufactures have tired and failed over the decades. This statement has rung true for some, but not very many, and holds no weight in this new age of self-love and embracement.

Black Dolls Do Matter!!

Oh yes they do, and they matter so very much.  To make sure that their children have pride, high self-esteem, and love for themselves many generations of mothers have even gone so far as to buy a white doll and color it! Children look for reflections of themselves and seeing that makes them feel beautiful not only on the inside but also on the outside. These feeling should no longer be absent within our children or anyone’s child for that matter.

To learn more about this interesting topic please check out: http://www.collectorsweekly.com/articles/black-is-beautiful-why-black-dolls-matter/, this article will enlighten you too the history of doll making and why having dolls at that look like your child is very important.

At Dumpling Designs we believe all children should be allowed to view positive images of themselves. It is our mission to fight against the negative images of African-American children that continues to grow in our society.