October Gardening Tips

One of the best parts of the fall is that it is the perfect time to get gardening done in your yard. The temperature in many areas of the county is perfect for growing new plants and grass. There is often a nice amount of rain to help vegetation grow. Another good thing is that many afternoons are neither to hot or to cold to work. 

Best of all it can be a great family activity.

Below we have put together some great gardening tips for the month of October.


  • Assess areas in the garden which need additional planting
  • Continue to use garden notes and photographs to plan for future plantings
  • Prepare landscape sketches for next season

Chores and Maintenance:

  • If rain is lacking continue to thoroughly water trees, shrubs, planting beds and lawn areas, especially evergreens
  • Compost fallen leaves and garden debris such as annuals and spent vegetable plants
  • Continue to weed, weed, weed
  • Complete staking chrysanthemums, water and fertilize
  • Lift and store tender bulbs, i.e., cannas, dahlias and gladiolus after first frost
  • Core aerate to reduce thatch on lawns
  • Mow lawns to 1½” height
  • Keep bird feeders filled


  • Complete planting and transplanting broad-leaved and needle-leaved evergreens before October 15, and water thoroughly
  • Plant and transplant deciduous trees and shrubs after leaf fall between October 15 and December 1
  • Plant spinach and garlic
  • Plant ornamental cabbage and kale
  • Complete lifting and dividing iris, lily-of-the-valley and daylilies
  • Pot up parsley, chives and rosemary to grow indoors
  • Plant bare-root roses
  • Continue to plant spring-flowering bulbs; begin planting tulips before month’s end
  • Pot up amaryllis, tulips, and other prepared bulbs and store in a cool, dark place until ready to force


  • Complete pruning of rambler roses
  • Prune late-flowering shrubs and trees when dormant
  • Fertilize deciduous and evergreen shrubs
  • Fertilize lawn with 3-1-2 plant food


  • Bring in all houseplants before frost
  • Hold off on fertilizing houseplants; resume in March

We hope this information helps. Here at Dumpling Designs our goal is to help give information that helps families stay together.We are truly a family friendly organization!